How to Enable SSL (HTTPS) in Siteground Hosting

How to Enable SSL (HTTPS) in Siteground Hosting

Are you using the best hosting platform for WordPress – Siteground web hosting for your blog or website? Do you know Siteground offers free SSL installation for your website? This article will tell you why SSL is important for SEO and the steps to enable SSL in Siteground web hosting.

Let’s first start with some faqs about SSL.

Why SSL is important for your website?

SSL is important because it encrypts sensitive data and stops cybercriminals from stealing your data.

A secure website with a valid SSL certificate is essential if you want your website to be protected from increasing cyber threats in this evolving digital world.

SSL certificate becomes even more important if you are using login forms on your website where users can enter sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords, etc.

Does Google rank SSL sites higher?

One-word answer – YES!

SSL is also important for your website or blog’s ranking on Google or other search engines. If you are not aware, Google considers SSL a big ranking factor.

Google sees secure sites as trustworthy. Because user’s data on secure sites are protected from cyber-attacks. This automatically gives secures sites an edge over unsecured sites where a user’s data always remains compromised.

Google only cares about user experience and secure sites always provide a better user experience compared to unsecured sites.

How to make your website on Siteground secure?

Here are the steps to enable SSL in Siteground hosting.

  • Log in to your Siteground account and go to Security > SSL manager.

  • Select the website for which you want to enable SSL. Then choose the “Let’s Encrypt” SSL and click on “Get”.

  • A message will be shown that SSL has been installed for your website. Now click on the 3 dots and click on “Enforce HTTPS”.

  • Click on the toggle “Enforce HTTPS” to enable HTTPS on your whole website.

  • After completion, a message will be shown that SSL is enabled on your website.

These were the simple steps to enable SSL on your Siteground website. Always ensure that you enable “HTTPS enforce” to make sure that your whole site runs on HTTPS.


I hope you understand the importance of HTTPS and how to enable SSL for your website on Siteground hosting. You can consider SSL mandatory if you want to rank higher in search engines.

Most hosting providers offer free SSL in their plans and you should definitely take advantage of it.

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