Adsense Account Disabled? Here Is What You can Do Next

Are you a blogger? Are you monetizing your blog content using Google Adsense? I think most of the bloggers will answer this as “YES”. But what happens if you wake up one day and see this message – “Your AdSense account is disabled”.

Scary, isn’t it?

This has happened to me and this always happens with several new bloggers and sometimes with experienced bloggers too.

Most of the bloggers are only dependent on Adsense money to generate revenue from their blogs and it can be a huge jolt for them if their AdSense account gets disabled.

Adsense account disabled – Reasons and What to do next

Now you might wonder why Google disables Adsense account for several publishers? What are the reasons behind it? What to do next if your Adsense account gets disabled?

Let’s have a look at these questions one by one.

Why Adsense account gets disabled?

There can be various reasons behind Google disabling your Adsense account but mainly, there are 2 frequent reasons behind your Adsense getting disabled.

  • Invalid click activity
  • Copied or pirated content

Most of the publishers and bloggers whose accounts get disabled is due to these 2 reasons.

Google is very strict on policy violations and most of the newbie bloggers often make these 2 mistakes. Let me explain both of these policy violations.

Invalid click activity

Invalid click activity is an unethical practice that people often use to increase their Adsense revenue quickly. People often click on their ads several times or they tell their friends and family to open their website and click on the ads.

This type of activity is known as invalid click activity that is not allowed by Google as you are trying to artificially increase your income.

When Google suspects such activity, it either gives you a warning or it can immediately disable your account depending on the severity of the violation.

Copied, Pirated, or Scraped content

Another main reason behind your Adsense account getting disabled is the use of copied or scraped content. If you are a blogger, you should never use copied content on your blog.

Many bloggers don’t want to invest their time and create quality content. Instead, they use the auto blogging technique to post content on their blog.

Google does not tolerate this practice and it may directly disable or ban your account without giving you a warning.

I also used the auto blogging technique on one of my blogs and this was the reason my AdSense account got disabled.

What happens if your Adsense account gets disabled?

When Google disables your Adsense account, the first thing they do is send an email to your Gmail connected with your Adsense account.

Adsense account disabled email alert sent by Google

The email consists of information regarding why your account got disabled.

When you will open your Adsense account, you will see a msg like this.

Message displayed when you open your Adsense account after its disabled.


Once your Adsense account gets disabled, any money that was there in your account will be blocked. If you had several websites using the ad code from the same Adsense account, then Google will immediately stop serving ads on every single website connected with the same Adsense account.

Even if your account gets disabled due to policy violations on a single website, Google will disable ads on each and every website of yours.

If you also have a Youtube channel connected with the same account, then your youtube channel will also become ineligible for showing ads.

What to do when your Adsense account gets disabled?

When you see that your account is disabled, you can only do one thing to get your account re-enabled. You can appeal to Google to reinstate your account.

In the policy violation appeal form, you will need to provide your name, contact email, email account on which you have the Adsense account, your publisher ID, Website URLs where you have placed ad codes, and a short explanation on why your account should be enabled.

After providing these details, you will need to wait for some days. The response to the appeal can be as quick as a couple of days to as late as 2 weeks.

Point to note: You can only appeal twice in a span of 30 days. So make sure that you have corrected all the mistakes and then submit your appeal.

My advice to you is that you should carefully remove all the policy violations and then submit the appeal if you want to access your account again because if they reject your 1st appeal, then it will become hard for you to get access to your account again.

Adsense policy violation appeal rejected. Now what?

As I said above, you can appeal twice in a span of 30 days. So if your 1st appeal gets rejected, then you should again check your website for policy violations and can appeal again to Google for reconsideration.

Appeal getting rejected again and again. Can I apply for another account?

Adsense policy violation appeal getting rejected is common because Adsense doesn’t provide a detailed response on why your Adsense account was disabled.

This makes it hard for publishers to figure out the violations and rectify the mistakes.

This is the reason why appeals get rejected frequently.

Now publishers may wonder what should be the next course of action. Should they keep appealing or should they create a new Adsense account?

It also raises the question that can you get another Adsense account if the 1st account was disabled for policy violations?

The answer to this question is – YES!

You can get another Adsense account even if your 1st Adsense account was disabled or banned. But you need to pay attention to some things in order to get another approved Adsense account.

  • You should use another Gmail id.
  • Don’t submit those sites while applying for another Adsense account that were found guilty of policy violations.
  • If possible, try to use the Gmail id of your relative instead of your own different Gmail id for getting a fresh Adsense account.
  • Submit a fresh website while applying for the new account that has enough and quality content, has all the important pages like Privacy policy, About us, etc, and a neat and clean website layout.

I also applied for another Adsense account and paid attention to all these points and now I have another fresh and approved Adsense account.


I wrote this article according to my personal experience. I have mentioned each and everything that I faced and did to get another fresh Adsense account.

I appealed several times to Google to re-enable my account after fixing the reasons responsible for the policy violations.

But Google didn’t listen. Adsense is the best contextual ad network that has negligible quality competitors. That’s why they do what they feel right without paying attention to your appeals.

So, it’s always better to get another Adsense account if your 1st appeal gets rejected.

I hope that I was able to explain each and every course of action to follow if your account got disabled. Let me know what you think about this or ask away if you have any questions. I am always ready to help.

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